Account signup
If you already have a Jouwdomein-account, click here.

If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for one. But do first read the following guidelines:
  1. Choose the language you want to work in.
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. You get a screen with three areas:
    • Account owner data (yellow fields are mandatory)
    • Account type data (you can find more info about this elsewhere on our site)
    • Specific account data (entry of a personal password and acceptation of terms and conditions)
    You complete this screen, and click on Confirm.
  4. You now have created a new account. You will receive an e-mail message confirming your account data. Make sure to keep the account name (A00xxxx) and password. You will need these next time you log in.
  5. You can now choose between four screens.
    • Account management for general account data.
    • Party management, if you want your domain licensee to differ from the account owner, or if you want to create technical contacts.
    • Domain management to registrer your domain and later to add e-mail adresses and subdomains.
    • Invoice management where you get an overview of all the services you have requested. If you process them, you get an invoice you can either pay online or through a bank transfer. You can also print it for your accounting.
  6. Next you can request a domain name through Domain management.
  7. You must create an invoice in Invoice management and pay it. As soon as we receive your payment, your account is activated and your domain registered. If you want things to go fast, you best pay online using a credit card.
  8. You can immediately enter all your preferences for the domain.
  9. You will get an e-mail confirming the registration of your domain.
  10. Do keep in mind that it can take upto two working days after the registration of a domain name that the domain will actually become active on the Internet. The reason behind this is the DNS zone transfer. There is nothing Jouwdomein can to do influence or accelerate this process..
  11. If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at
Enjoy the services of Jouwdomein.
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